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The advocacy for a unified information delivery service system for the Department of Science was first presented in December 12, 2016 at the DOST-National Academy of Science and Technology auditorium to selected DOST Information Officers and members of the DOST Media Core. The initial DOST InfoSerbilis formulators, Salvador R. Serrano (team leader, Food and Nutrition Research Institute); Haziel May C. Natorilla (Science and Technology Information Institute); George Robert E. Valencia III, Mary Charlotte O. Fresco, and Ma. Estrella B. Valle (National Research Council of the Philippines); Ana Ciaren H. Itulid and Ullyann C. Garcia (Philippine Council for Health Research and Development); and Charyl C. Apuyan (National Academy of Science and Technology) and their professor, then UPLB College of Development College Dean Dr. Ma. Theresa Velasco, using DevCom techniques for scientific grounding. Six modernization strategies to achieve development in communication were proposed such as: interactive info kiosks, updated information resources for employees’ internal use, online interactive maps of all DOST agencies and/or portal of all DOST services, video tutorials and reorientation seminars for DOST employees on new programs and services, participative initiatives among agencies and organizations, and supplementary activities for assisting both new and seasoned DOST knowledge workers in giving knowledge at the moment of value.

The turnover was confirmed and received by Alan C. Taule, DOST-STII’s Chief for the Information Resources and Analysis Division (IRAD).

On January 2017, its news release at the DOST official website was picked up by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) website news, CIA Asia website news, and BC Post – The Voice of British Columbia. On October 2017, DOST InfoSerbilis was finally adopted as a DOST-GIA funded project component under Project 4: Enhanced S&T Experience using Leading-Edge Learning Additions and Realities (STELLAR) of DOST-STII’s communication strategy, Communicating Science for the People:

Considerations Towards a Strategic Communication Plan for DOST. Since then, the aspiration for the bold and unlimited – an advocacy for harmonizing communication efforts, is maintained by DOST- InfoSerbilis as an IRAD function.

Today, our DOST InfoSerbilis team focuses on data gathering and content build-up of information sourced from within DOST agencies nationwide for the establishment of the DOST InfoSerbilis Knowledge Management System (or DOST InfoSerbilis KMS)

DOST InfoSerBilis Logo:

The InfoSerbilis logo consists of two parts, “info” from information, and “Serbilis” from a play of the words “service” and “bilis”. Above our brand stands the DOST name and logo, because our advocacy focus is on DOST information and DOST services. The two dots on the letter “I” shows a line that is made up of two points, representing a simple connection starts with two points – our DOST community and our clients, and the infinite number of points inside the mathematical line, for infinite possibilities as we connect. The orange comet underneath “Serbilis” is for energy and speed that sustains our drive. Finally, our advocacy is stated under “Serbilis” in Filipino as “Impormasyong tama at maasahan”.

The InfoSerbilis Knowledge Management System stores the following information:
• General DOST-agency Information
• Current DOST key personnel
• DOST programs, projects and activities
• Scholarship applications
• Laboratory services
• Other DOST services
• DOST events
• Other DOST information for public knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions


What is InfoSerbilis for?

• Compiles general DOST information in one space
• Help promote information
• Gathers info regularly to serve as basis in communication design and strategies

Why InfoSerbilis?

• Solves the problem on information gaps because of the convenience of having essential DOST information in one place
• It’s easy to gather support and participation from our DOST community
• Helps raises the level of awareness and basic knowledge available.

What is the InfoSerbilis service hour?

Monday to Friday/ 8am to 5pm

Does it contain research material?

- No

How to ask info for any DOST-related concern or questions?

Using a Computer/Smartphone
Step 1: Click the messenger icon on the homepage
Step 2: Log in to your messenger account
Step 3: After logging in, you can now proceed to your DOST related inquiries.

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